Tuesday, August 06, 2013

 Tiny house shortcuts.

 Old, funky rv's are cheap and readily available (check craigs list). They provide most of the components required in a diy composting toilet, multiple 12v lighting fixtures,wallplugs, sinks, refrigerators that can use multiple energy sources (12v dc, 120 volt ac and propane, I even think I could make it work with waste vegetable oil and a wick and it's cheap enough to allow experimentation) windows, doors, bedding, tankage, wiring, propane (methane) stove and oven, inverter,insulation, wall paneling and if you are lucky a generator, all in a self delivering package you can sleep in! 

 Those who want to take it even farther will find alternators, diodes, axles, wheels (windmills!) 

 The sale value for an old one is far less than the cost of it's components (I got this one for free, but examples can be found for under $2000)

  Admittedly new equipment would be more efficient, but the price for just one component would cost more than equipping an entire house using this source for furnishings.