Sunday, April 19, 2009

slave collars

Why I hate closed source software: A recent reminder.

I gave a working tested notebook with ubuntu 8.o4 to my neighbour to assist some associate. Said associate did not want ubuntu so the neighbor loaded a (probably pirated) copy of windows on the damn thing.

As this guy is dead broke and wants to do comic books art I can only assume that he's gonna pirate the fuck out of his toolset. This will result in a thief with encumbered work. "nice photoshop work, Where is your license?" Is the death of cheap graphic entrepreneurship.

Poor people cannot use closed commercial products unless they wish to stay poor or be criminalised. At best you allow others to control your work at worst they own it.

I will never support the distribution of a proprietary OS and I think that those who do for charity are judas goats, Leading those they would help to servitude.

I could rant on but I'm supposed to remain calm and try not to get so worked up over the deeply stupid and those that prey on them.