Wednesday, March 26, 2008

bizarre anniversary

Ok I know that you are not gonna believe this but remake is on the 39th anniversary of what is probably the most bizarre car accident you will hear about today and is quite possibly one of the moments that helped define my life as an attractor of random chaos.

On march 30th 1969 at 385 geary in SF a man named Jeffery Young was having a very bad day. We can not at this point go into what or why he was less than up but his actions can safely lead us to the conclusion that he was somewhat depressed.

Mr young jumped off a building. falling over 130 ft toward his intended target, the ground.

He missed.

Our car, sensing his distress, Gave The final sacrifice and leapt under him.

He landed on us, My whole family plus my grandmother on my fathers side.

Five of us (suddenly almost six) in an Alpha Romeo coupe.

I took a whack to the head, as did my grandmother, (died nuts, I'm only strange, She got hit harder.)

One can probably assume that Mr. Young wanted this event to be an escape or at least an end to all his worries. Our car denied him this.

He lived. For all I know he's still alive as he was only nineteen at the time.

Verification can be found in the archives of the oakland tribune via (and yes they will want ducats)

send foil hats to Sebastapol

Just read that Sebastapol Voided its contract to provide free wireless to its citizens.

I have a particular hatred of people who embrace stupidity and fear. (there are those who would state that those that fear wireless networks are merely ignorant, but as the information debunking fearful positions is readily available any attachment to an unsupportable conclusion is choosing to remain in ignorance and is therefore stupid.)

I have had similar experiences. We got many pallets of wireless gear from 3com a couple of years back and offered to set up wireless access points all along University (a major street in berkeley not the educational institution in Berkeley.)for free to any business along telegraph that wanted it, We lined up an upstream internet provider and had clients lined up.

project died because one of the players involved thought that it would cause a "radiation problem"

I was told this over a cell phone.

Back to Sebastapol, I say recall the politicians involved as they demonstrate either fear of things they do not understand and an unwillingness to avoid their fear through simple education, or they fear the power of ignorant cowards. A more cynical option would be that they are making a play based on a true knowledge of the electorate and that pandering to ignorance keeps them in office.
I submit that recent presidents demonstrate this but it is interesting that it can be so readily demonstrated on both sides of the political spectrum and what does it say about the people of sebasatpol? Or the rest of us? The case against wireless is has as little merit as those proposed by various hick school boards in kansas. As they are elected officials the method of correction should be obvious.

What makes this even more amusing is that they could quite possibly use wireless to lower the net load of "radiation" as they could Possibly move some (most,all?) of the existing cell phone traffic to voip over wireless and hell, Might even end up with free local calling as a happy consequence all on a fraction of the power used by the thin, chrome, microwaves they currently glue to their ear.

One of the best definitions of humanity I have ever encountered was that human beings process information better than anything else we have yet met. Better than any other animal. Better than any machine. It has also been said by many that are considered wise that knowledge is the only way to defeat fear. In a small town in Sonoma the fearful and the ignorant rule.

I submit that we need to send aluminum foil hats to the city council of Sebastapol and to any citizens therein who might have concerns about such issues. I suspect that some sort of poll was taken and that everyone involved was properly numbered and listed, so helping them out with a little anti-radiation home millinery should be fun, easy and you help the handicapped. (stupidity is a handicap) from 21st century cooties!! if you use your sandwich wrap, its recycling!

Sorry got A little silly there. But let try this instead: While I think in the long run it probably just makes me more neurotic, I have been lauded more than once and on some major stages (for verification see the freaking sidebar) for what I have done for the environment and for my fellow human beings and I say that this serves neither. I'd even go so far as to say it harms both.

Can an entire town win a darwin award?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

getting ready for chaos.

Makefaire 3 is around the corner and we plan to be better prepared for it this time.


First the collection event: We have this nailed. Nothings too old nothings too weird. Bring it on. 10-5 sat the 29th. We want Computers,monitors,robots,blenders,microwaves,sexbots.toaster ovens, stable man made isotopes,pu-38 initiators,mysterious things that go boop!!,tv's vcr's, turntables,reel to reel equipment,special request for hand held audio recording equipment (hi mark got a box for ya.) notebooks,lifters,mysterious objects that don't go boop!,power tools,unpowered tools,animatronic ape heads, Weed wackers,Weird stuff you found in your uncles basement(No sweaty explosives please),alien artifacts,powered unmentionables etc.

Remake proper.
12-5 the 30th By invitation.
this year should be a little less chaotic. as i understand we will not be opening this to the public, but to makers who might need salvaged equipment for various projects and hopefully to inspire new projects.
In addition we have a couple of projects that we would like to showcase and see if we cant find some people with skill sets we lack.

We will provide in varying amounts and conditions. Monitors,flat panels,big led displays,a bart display,a cop light bar,boxes of walkie talkies in various states of repair,notebooks (parts machines, don't ask for working) motors from very small to forklift scale, ac and dc, fans.tripods,big freaking speakers,5 pallets of new music cd's,43 dissasembled electric scooters,wheel chairs,batteries,radio control equipment,electronic doodads,etc (we covet the powered unmentionables.)