Sunday, July 26, 2009

idiot genius

As part of my ongoing medical issues I've been collecting and reviewing old medical records.

A wais-r test from before I started accrc/mcrc and that I had largely forgotten is probably the best example of a hidden handicap and proof of my genius all at once.

The scores:

The wais-r consists of 11 sub categories combined to provide two aggregate scores.

The sub tests.

test scaled score percentile.
information 12 76
digit span 8 24
vocabulary 13 84
arithmetic 9 37
comprehension 12 76
similarities 18 99
picture completion 9 37
picture arrangement 15 95
block design 12 76
object assembly 7 16
digit symbol 6 9

Verbal IQ 114
Performance IQ 96
avg percentile 57 (may have no meaning)

Based on my own research these results are consistent with one of more head injuries and show that most of my damage is located in the right hemisphere.

It also appears that computing technology makes a very good coping tool for right hemisphere issues. (at least for me)

I apologise to the (probably fictional) audience for yet another self referential post.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

wildland biohazards

ticks,rattlesnakes,and coyotes seen so far. The ticks are the only ones to draw blood. 10 day old tick bite.