Monday, March 24, 2014

   today's victim, an older Makita 9.6 volt reversible, variable speed drill.
                          Description from left to right up to down.                                  (note lots of screws in tub above and springs that flew all over the room)
   Dead battery pack, determined by plugging into known working charger overnight. no charge whatsoever.

Plastic shell: dont know what I'll use this for yet.
plastic ring: ditto.
motor:  # rs-750SH attached to what I believe is a  8-12 volt PWM  controller with trigger throttle and battery connector.
Gears: I dunno, Count teeth?
Bit holder: also drive shaft and bearing.

 The motors ID# actually lead to a class of motors as seen here  I believe that this is the second one on the chart the " " 8028 model.

 This is not good from a windmill standpoint as I think that I'm going to need to  reach speeds of over 15000-18000 rpm to generate 12 volts. At least according to my ignorant understanding of the matter and the specs on that chart. But at least my wattage will be pretty good! I guess I'll have to do something serious in gearing or dc-dc conversion to get anything useful out of this motor as a windmill. On the other hand, the PWM/trigger combo leads to vehicle ideas.

 Any ideas?


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