Sunday, March 23, 2014

           Facilities and projects :

       Aftermath technologies downtown facility:
 State of the art equipment: 
 ample power : 

 Remote secondary facilities:

Mobile response unit:
 And ample research material:


 The shed, Somewhere in Wendel

  built in the late 1800's no power no water. Both nearby.  (See "Power" below.)

  The lab,

   The table surface is the roll out table from my hearse. With a history of over 300 cadaver carries, I believe it is well suited to the task of acting as the "slab" for this project. It reposes on six firewood rounds.

 Lab equipment/past projects: (all equipment found/derived from salvage unless specified otherwise)

   wood lye production equipment,hydrogen gas production,aluminium/air batteries, oil burner/heater/boiler, 300 watt inverter (see power)  FM transmitter, radio, 5 watt light, small battery charger, swamp cooler,composting toilet. Probably more but I should go on. 


      Currently fifty nominal watts regulated, on a 144 watt/hr battery but panel position is far from optimal and battery is well past it's functional lifespan. Can bring this to 400+ watts and 1200watt/hr storage with available resources 

 Have 300 watt inverter online, can bring this up to 1500 watts. 

 Remote Facilities:


Mobile response unit:

   A 76 Tioga. Runs. Mostly works, mostly. Does not float. This is important.

 Research material. 

  Some of my own but mostly stuff I've found in various piles/holes around Wendel and on the side of the road. I think the other denizens of Wendel  assume that I eat it. Not running out. 

 So here we have a (very) basic off grid re use lab with not so basic lunatic operator.

  Next post: tear down of a makita 9.6 volt drill and part identification with an eye to making a VAWT (vertical axis wind turbine) from the innards.



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