Friday, October 19, 2007

The scooters are not for sale.

Reasons for this.

We don't yet know how many we have or what their condition is, We don't sell to the public (no resale license) We have no idea what our liabilities are in selling them(legal,environmental,etc) and charitable placements/re-use/research/playing with the shiny bits, seems like a better idea.

On a previous topic: having trouble fitting 250mw led into 5mw led lens housing. All components tested and unfocused unit scorched my desk during testing.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

todays "disposal"

40+ electric scooters in various states of repair. The blue one foreground is intact and functional some are totally intact and as yet untested others have minor issues and some are parts machines

Basic specs:
• 13 MPH maximum speed with a 6-hr. runtime and 7-8 hr. recharge time
• 12AH, 24V battery required and included
• 220-lb. weight limit
• For ages 14 yrs. and up
• 48Hx25Wx48D" deck: 13Lx13W"

(based on ad copy pulled from the web)

If you assume that its total range is half of its top speed times 6 hrs you get 36-40+ miles on a charge.

Well scooters .
try putting motor on a mountain bike frame and try to incorporate rear derailer and sprockets to increase range/speed (this may be based on a totally false set of assumptions as I've never seen it done)

24 volt generators for wind and/or other mechanical input.

Can we make a solar powered scooter with the photovoltaics on hand? How a about a very small hybrid with a chainsaw or model airplane motor?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

nothing important.

An old toy raygun a dead dvd burner and a collimating lens assembly.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

orielly/boingboing/digg/slashdot effect.

Its very real and it actually does amount to something. Some good some bad.

I do very much believe and can demonstrate that it had no small effect on the government in this issue. This is at least from my standpoint a good thing.

I also believe that I am winning the cnn poll due to it. As I disagree with this choice I see this as a detriment as I think that the gorillas should take priority and that the fact that I am popular with a small,vocal,internet savy group is slanting the poll to the detriment off all.

more corrections

Boy this is getting tiresome.

Getting a letter from the EFF and saying that you are making an appointment does not translate into "eff is helping with legal defemse"

adapting legislation involving re-use is not backing down.

We are not getting any new permits nor does the state believe that we are not properly filed. Nor do we foresee any significant changes in our operations. Ignorant people with issues keep trying to put that nonsense in.

Again the only thing outstanding is the retention of material over a year. Not permits,licensces,handling,safety or any other issue.

So the people who support me exagerate while the ones in opposition just make crap up.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

more updates.

Got a very nice letter from the EFF and am trying to put together an appointment to discuss options.

The dtsc situation is under control for the moment, May light up again later next month when they look over our proposed solutions.

To reiterate some basic facts before the trolls run off at the ass.

The inspection that started this all was a recurring,random yearly inspection. There was no complaint nor does the dtsc have any reason to think that a release of any form has occurred (none has)
As far as I know all handling issues have been addressed and the only thing that we still have on the table is the "get rid of it within a year" issue and all parties seem to be interested in how to get around/find a way to ignore this restriction without letting the corporate scumbags use it as a loophole.

In addition the next waste board stakeholders meeting has re-use on the agenda.

The trolls and spammers are getting a little thick so I'm killing anonymity on this blog and activating other tracking and security features. I apologise and find it personaly offensive but so is a couple of hundred **** YOU's in all caps.

Oh We just renewed our leases for the next five years so it appears the city of berkeley's attempts to turn this area into car lots are somewhat impaired if not dead.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

cnn heroes

I don't know how to do this but I disagree with those of you who are voting me up in the cnn poll.

Of the four people there only one is dealing with extinction. Dead is dead, anything else is negotiable. Vote for the gorillas. 25 grand and fame that id probably just piss away anyway is not worth a specie.

I don't know if it will help, but I'd feel like crap if I won and the gorillas went extinct.

On the other hand there is nothing saying we can't get anything out of this. You could ask cnn to put all the other heroes videos into an open/at least not so closed codec so that everyone could see them. Being the guy who got a major media outlet to guit supporting a monopoly would be a more than adequate consolation prize.