Monday, March 31, 2014

                I have a real problem focusing on any one project when left to my own devices. I spent the weekend stripping light fixtures from the old RV and fabricating a 12v drop light,
 playing with very crude fabrications for aluminium-air batteries and trying to find uses for the minuscule, but,  very long term, power that I seem to be able to get out of current designs.

 Coyote skull is stewing away in a light potassium  hydroxide solution and the flesh is slowly turning into "Lutecoyote", A culinary treat that I'm sure even "Pickmans model" would find "Ripe"

 But the bones are cleaning up nicely and I'm confident that I'll be able to turn it into a high voltage spot welder and eventual ATOMIC HYDROGEN TORCH. as the simplest method of achieving the required voltages appears to be "read up on how to make a spot welder out of a microwave, and do exactly what they tell you NOT to do with the transformer" IE use it without any modification whatsoever, 2 kv right out of the box! (Don't do this at home kids!) The management at Aftermath Technologies is a certified nutjob with the survival potential of a small balloon animal lovingly nuzzling a claymore mine. 

 Other than that, some editing of a discussion of potential salvage opportunities in local landfills/transfer stations, particularly in regards to electric vehicles for inclusion in a future post,  Some clean up for a future (semi) pro gig involving solar equipment in the third world, and I still need to come up with vanes for the wind turbine   


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