Tuesday, March 25, 2014

 Radio aftermath: a broken, very cheap, fm transmitter of the type that you would normally plug into a cigarette lighter. Tuned to the bottom of the band (approx 107) It saves me from having to listen to rural AM radio and can act as a one way radio public address system through the use of the microphone jack. Pairs very nicely with a solar powered radio, leaving me with an effective range of 100+ yards while working out and about. Has been playing Gwar for the last 24 hours or will be done around 10 am pst in memory of Dave Brockie (1963-2014). Former front man and latex clad manifestation of Oderus Urungus, who died march 23rd.

 Normally it plays my ripped cd's and audiobooks and can be deployed at both the Wendel and remote facility. Total garbage, Was cheap and disposable when new.  I expect to be using it for at least 5 years after it was "broken"


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