Tuesday, March 25, 2014

     Fell back and regrouped on the vertical wind turbine and decided that I need to come up with  a simple way to ad vane assemblies to whatever I end up using as a generator head. So I dug through the junk and pulled the remains of a lamp that looks like this :

 It unscrews into pieces (not shown, I got excited) And I added the drillbit holders (is there a better term?) did some work with a cheap Faux-Dremel and came up with this:

 Shown here: two high quality mounted bearings, (I dissected another drill) two versatile connectors capable of connecting to a wide variety of potential generator/gear assemblies, A shaft that can be varied in length from roughly 1.5 to 4.5 feet.

 Now I'm working on vane assemblies. Great wind today. Need to find a chuck key. Studying dc-dc converters. 

   Most of the ick on the coyote skull has turned to goo. (not sure if pics a good idea) going to go from wood ash solution to well water simmer. Then rinse, brush off bits, dry, repair, wire as spot welder, etc. getting more and more creatively stupid until I achieve an atomic hydrogen torch, or something explodes. (win win!)



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