Wednesday, January 31, 2007

It's alive!!!

We got the lincoln to run on hydrogen today (poorly! it backfires like crazy) but it does indeed run. We expect that a rather massive modification of the timing and fuel delivery system (ie getting it actually tuned and having a fuel system that doesn't consist of a hose jammed into the carb should help.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

2006 recap

We built a vegetable oil powered beowulf cluster, converted a horribly obsolete overbuilt monster to an alternative and cleaner burning fuel. Got to the point where we divert over 200,000 pounds per month of toxic waste from landfill,gave away 1200 plus computers and beat a bankruptcy into submission.

Pictures of the monster:

First picture is of the engine compartment looking ominous. You can see the mixer stack and air cleaner. The second is from the oposite side and you can see the pre-heater and connection to the mixer stack. The third shows the fuel tank and trunk modifications. The fourth seems to be a clone of the second.fifth and sixth are a side view (its a long car and i'm a pathetic camera operator) seventh is the interior dash showing the fuel selection switches (what is this autofocus you speak of?) and last the front grill and hood with horrific modifications.