Thursday, February 01, 2007

progress (more pics)

The first image is hydrogen burning (hydrogen is almost colorless, I think the color comes from the tube but might be some residual sodium from the sodium hydroxide. The second is an attempt to document the engine running (astute observers will note that the fan is spinning) It starts and runs for about 10 seconds then we run out hydrogen as the very large engine empties that tube faster than a ritalin dosed child inhales a pixie stick. We then wait about 30 sec and we can do it again.

Next we increase the capacity of the aluminum/lye part of our reactor (get 2-3 more buckets ) and start determining what lye/aluminum/water ratios and what water temp is optimal.

Warning to those stupid enough to try this:
A mistake with lye is a very painfull way to turn yourself into soap.
hydrogen is as dangerous as you have been lead to believe (we have had one reactor explosion yesterday and a backfire today destroyed our fuel line)

In addition the reaction between lye and aluminum is exothermic (hot!!!) and the hotter the reaction gets the more efficient it becomes so a runaway reaction (exploding reactor) could turn you into burning soap spread over a wide area.

This is commonly considered a bad thing and only a total nutcase would even try it. (The staff of aftermath have a wide variety of issues)

Test 2 worked. engine runs on hydrogen and we have the next development planned.