Wednesday, October 03, 2007

more updates.

Got a very nice letter from the EFF and am trying to put together an appointment to discuss options.

The dtsc situation is under control for the moment, May light up again later next month when they look over our proposed solutions.

To reiterate some basic facts before the trolls run off at the ass.

The inspection that started this all was a recurring,random yearly inspection. There was no complaint nor does the dtsc have any reason to think that a release of any form has occurred (none has)
As far as I know all handling issues have been addressed and the only thing that we still have on the table is the "get rid of it within a year" issue and all parties seem to be interested in how to get around/find a way to ignore this restriction without letting the corporate scumbags use it as a loophole.

In addition the next waste board stakeholders meeting has re-use on the agenda.

The trolls and spammers are getting a little thick so I'm killing anonymity on this blog and activating other tracking and security features. I apologise and find it personaly offensive but so is a couple of hundred **** YOU's in all caps.

Oh We just renewed our leases for the next five years so it appears the city of berkeley's attempts to turn this area into car lots are somewhat impaired if not dead.