Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mind numbing government stupidity

It looks like accrc has finally found an obstacle it cannot overcome. Government stupidity.

We have been told by the department of toxic substances control that we will have to inventory all material that we divert and we are not allowed to stockpile any material for more than one year under any circumstances. This would preclude any support for Makefaire,the shipyard,the tech museum,the exploratorium,vintage tech,the computer history museum etc In addition we cannot find any reason for this that would not also apply to the computers we place so we expect to be told by the state that we are in voilation of state law in regards to the distribution of toxic waste in the form of free working computers.

Please note that if I destroy this material I have none of these restrictions. So thanks to the state re-use has more hassles,hurdles,and paperwork than destruction. So not only does the system only pay for destruction it now is actually impairing re-use.

I frankly need help.

I have supported the maker/tech community wholeheartedly and have rarely if ever asked for anything in return. Today I am calling in all my markers.

I do not know what to do, My only hope at this point is to open source the problem and see if anyone has any ideas or contacts that I can use to get around before she kills us out of a love for rules and a profound disconnect from reality.


Blogger Ian said...

I'd recommend watching "John Stossel Goes to Washington":

About 4 minutes into the 3rd segment is a very similar story.

10:58 AM  

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