Thursday, October 19, 2006

notes on vegetable oil powered computing.

We got dugg today and some people have some misconceptions.

We did not add the ghz of the various procs together to get our effective power. We ran a benchmark on a single machine and then ran the same benchmark on the cluster. compared run times between the two and then stated that it would take a 22.7ghz p3 to run the job in the same amount of time.

as for the people who claim that 30 amps is a useless measurment of power consumption:

Last I checked standard wall current is 115vac so please quit being obtuse.

As for the macrophilliacs out there. I am so sorry you spent a stupid amount of money for a crippled *nix box in a shiny package. But face it, you are running an expensive,poserific,drm loving piece of enviromentally damaging,disposable, x86 crap.


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