Saturday, June 17, 2006

We have ignition! the 69 lincoln lit on propane today. runs smooth and seems to have adequate power. I need to nail some stuff down (fuel tank is sitting on the ground during testing as i didnt want to mount it before i knew it would light) but I should be driving by next week. will follow up with pictures and more info.

I will begin building the methane generator next week. I have a 50 gallon compressor tank that should do niceley. I will start with decomposition based methods of methane production. But hope to eventually come up with a method of extracting methane from waste plastic.
Once I have methane from decomp i can work on cleaning up the contaminants (co2 and hydrogen sulfide) with lime water and iron oxide (problem: whats "lime water"?)

End result:
positive: energy independence and turns waste into compost.
negative: only reduces greenhouse gasses does not eliminate them (how does it compare to a compost pile of the same mass? at least in terms of greenhouse emissions?)

We also may try producing hydrogen from waste aluminum,water and lye so we can demonstrate a greenhouse gas free 460 cu engine. (i don't like using lye and aluminum but it allows me to provide hydrogen gas on an "as needed" basis and allows me to work out the bugs in the engine while working on the metal hydride storage system).

When completed we will have a vehicle based totally on re-use. salvaged car,salvaged fuel system and salvaged low/no greenhouse fuel

Beats the fuck out of a poser in a prius (how environmental! a disposable plastic car filled with toxic chemicals)


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