Wednesday, May 31, 2006

basic intro.

Good evening.

Couldn't sleep and have been thinking about this for some time.

This blog will be used to show off various research projects at accrc in re-use and recycling and to comment on eviromental legislation and enviromentalism in general.

First I guess I should give you some idea of who you are dealing with.

I am a 350 pound tattooed weirdo who for the last twelve years has run an electronics recycling company thats primary purpose is to give computers to the needy. We have done this approximatly 16,000 times and we have placed computers all over the world.

I recently won an EPA award. I've also won a voc rehab award for working with people with "troubled" histories.

English majors may find this blog difficult as my formal education went sideways around eighth grade and grammars little squggly bits have little or no meaning to me.

Instigator of fry-grease burning generators powering supercomputers made of garbage and obsessed with finding new (and sometimes profoundly innapropriate!) uses for our broken toys.

The topics that I see coming are our integration of solar panels into Uninteruptable power supplies to see if we can come up with small off-grid power sources. I don't expect to be able to produce power on a contious basis but we might be able to get a usable light hours in to power hours out ratio. say four to one which could be more than enough for a small off-grid weekend cabin as it could charge through the week and power a weekend.

another topic is alternative modes of transport with a focus on re-design for enviroment.

Examples would be converting older vehicles/engines to alternative fuels such as propane, methane, hydrogen,grease and electricity.

Why old cars? cheap, easy, and I like them.
Grease: done. Chinese military surplus generator converted to waste vegetable oil. outputs 110volts at 100 amps. (thanks to Dylan,Jake,Chris and Allan. All grease-pushers beyond the pale.)
propane/methane: parts aquired. I have propane conversion equipment (Jake) and a 1969 lincoln continental(Me). both need cleaning/reconditioning. will use propane to get it working and then work on methane/hydrogen generation and compression. (gassification of waste plastic?)
electricity: parts aquired? have drive train from a 80 something mitsubishi tredia, the motors and controlls from to dead electric forlifts and a lot of batteries. Thinking of going for a trike.

And yes i'm allways like this.

Note : I rarely actually "build" these projects as I often lack the skills required. As stated before I am an instigator. I try to provide resources to those who can use them and shape the output to promote re-use. ("producers never get any credit")


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