Thursday, August 03, 2006

enviromentaly correct ways to blow oneself up

Started very simple pyrolitic gas production today (pyrex flask full of paper on a small electric burner) in an attempt to demostrate proof of concept. It worked and frankly better than expected

Paper works well as do wood chips. The real surprise was printer toner which really puts off the hydrocarbons (and is quite possibly the most expensive non-nuclear fuel source ever )

This has a huge don't do this at home label on it as it can be both toxic and explosive (and with my current reaction vessel would include flying glass shards) so I wear a welding mask in the lab.

Based on the wikipedia article on wood gas I should be able to run a straight reactor to engine system but i'd rather contain,filter and purify before feeding it to the lab rat (my 1969 lincoln)

on the other hand the idea of holding the world speed record for a toner powered vehicle is amusing, Maybe I'll do it to my hearse, build a coffin shaped reactor and name it cremetoria

Sunday,sunday ,sunday see the garbage burning funny cars.


Blogger flybynightkarmarepair said...

You seem to be interested in what is sometimes called "producer gas". There is some great stuff on this topic in a book by Weston Farmer, a Mechanic in the old meaning of the term. He was actually the first editor of Mechanics Illustrated, and designed boats, mostly, throughout his long life, but was also in on the early days of aviation.

Anyway, his book "From My Old Boat Shop" has several chapters on Producer Gas. This wonderful book is, of course, out of print. It was originally printed by International Marine Publishers, then reprinted about 10 years ago in this edition:


Kudos for running your Lincoln on Propane, it's an excellent way to reduce the environmental impact of old dinosaurs such as she. And if anybody in a Prius gives you shit, remind them that the biggest environmental impact of any car over it's lifecycle is MAKING IT IN THE FIRST PLACE. How many econoboxes have they used up and thrown away in the lifetime of your Lincoln?

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