Friday, September 14, 2007

Very thin skins.

I was woken up by a call from the dtsc today. During the course of the conversation I expressed my concerns and thought that we were actually getting somewhere.

I was told that a conference call would be put together sometime between 8:30 -9:30

When the call did not come in I called the dtsc back and was informed that the conference had been cancelled due to offensive statements on this blog and that this had come down from "the executive" office.

Not calling to tell someone that you had cancelled the conference is a cowardly and creepy act.

Using unpleasant opinions as an excuse to avoid a problem is also a cowardly act.

For the record I stand behind the personal opinions expressed in this blog and will continue to express them.

Apparently the dtsc is unaware that the internet in general and blogs in particular tend to have rather rough opinions.

So instead I have been told that I can try to get an extension but I have no assurances or expectation of actually getting one. otherwise we are in violation and subject to fines as of the 17th of this month as the minimum fine is more than our total assets we may close as early as monday.


Blogger Slippy Lane said...

Man, this is a real shame, but it doesn't pay to piss off the man, eh?

Out of interest, how difficult would it be for you to comply with their rules? Surely if you disguise it as a "Faire", you could get a bunch of MAKE:ers to help you catalog your inventory. Stick it all in a database and your halfway there.
On the "can't hold stock for more than a year" issue - you add an alarm to your database which goes off one year after an item is entered into stock, upon which you cycle the item out of stock, put it in "holding" for a week, then cycle an IDENTICAL BUT COMPLETELY DIFFERENT ITEM into stock.

Job done.

Oh, and I suspect they probably knew about "inflammatory comments" BEFORE they offered the conference call. They did it to get a rise out of you so they could then use your reaction against you.

I'm in no position to give it, but my advice is: swallow your pride, bite your tongue and do whatever you have to in order to keep The Man sweet.

Here's hoping!

6:13 PM  
Blogger Nemezide said...

I emailed the lady ("The Man", hee hee), I blogged, I twittered.
You hang in there, cool computer guy.

7:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're all fighting the good fight! Don't give up hope we're all behind you.

7:08 AM  
Blogger Jim Robert said...

you rock, keep it up

7:00 AM  

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