Thursday, September 13, 2007

what you can do.

I was told that I really should give some action points for those who want to help.

unfortunately I'm not all that used to asking for or accepting help so this may seem a little disjointed. I'm also not all that well educated so this may not come across as intended.

I'm also very,very pissed off.

you can

express yourself:

Arora, Asha
(510) 540-3874

I submit that she's clueless and probably offended by language so be polite and use simple concepts and single syllable words.

Contact your state and federal reps and ask them to look int0 this.

The legal defense fund. (look a shiny new paypal button!)
The penalty for this violation is not less than 2000 dollars and not more than 25000. As of this morning accrc's total assets equal less than $500 dollars so whatever the fine is we are screwed.
We also do not know if they can hand us this fine over and over again so we expect to be fined out of existence. In addition as our funding from the state is dependent on our dtsc compliance we may find ourselves without any funding source at all

In addition our legal rep is a volunteer and will need to go back to being gainfully employed so if this doesn't blow over soon, so we will need to fund our defense.

Up until now we took great pride in being a self funded charity (we earn the money to cover our operations spending what conventional thinkers would call the profits on the charitable placements) and did not ask for cash. But no amount of penny pinching will take on a deranged state agency.

We may have to picket and or other (LEGAL!!!!) actions so if you are willing to participate in meatspace we could use you. ( zombie pickets maybe?)

If you have ideas,contacts,comments etc. Comments are open and we are very much hoping that others have better ideas than we do.

Thank you:

James Burgett
Executive director. ACCRC.


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