Thursday, October 18, 2007

todays "disposal"

40+ electric scooters in various states of repair. The blue one foreground is intact and functional some are totally intact and as yet untested others have minor issues and some are parts machines

Basic specs:
• 13 MPH maximum speed with a 6-hr. runtime and 7-8 hr. recharge time
• 12AH, 24V battery required and included
• 220-lb. weight limit
• For ages 14 yrs. and up
• 48Hx25Wx48D" deck: 13Lx13W"

(based on ad copy pulled from the web)

If you assume that its total range is half of its top speed times 6 hrs you get 36-40+ miles on a charge.

Well scooters .
try putting motor on a mountain bike frame and try to incorporate rear derailer and sprockets to increase range/speed (this may be based on a totally false set of assumptions as I've never seen it done)

24 volt generators for wind and/or other mechanical input.

Can we make a solar powered scooter with the photovoltaics on hand? How a about a very small hybrid with a chainsaw or model airplane motor?


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