Tuesday, March 25, 2008

getting ready for chaos.

Makefaire 3 is around the corner and we plan to be better prepared for it this time.


First the collection event: We have this nailed. Nothings too old nothings too weird. Bring it on. 10-5 sat the 29th. We want Computers,monitors,robots,blenders,microwaves,sexbots.toaster ovens, stable man made isotopes,pu-38 initiators,mysterious things that go boop!!,tv's vcr's, turntables,reel to reel equipment,special request for hand held audio recording equipment (hi mark got a box for ya.) notebooks,lifters,mysterious objects that don't go boop!,power tools,unpowered tools,animatronic ape heads, Weed wackers,Weird stuff you found in your uncles basement(No sweaty explosives please),alien artifacts,powered unmentionables etc.

Remake proper.
12-5 the 30th By invitation.
this year should be a little less chaotic. as i understand we will not be opening this to the public, but to makers who might need salvaged equipment for various projects and hopefully to inspire new projects.
In addition we have a couple of projects that we would like to showcase and see if we cant find some people with skill sets we lack.

We will provide in varying amounts and conditions. Monitors,flat panels,big led displays,a bart display,a cop light bar,boxes of walkie talkies in various states of repair,notebooks (parts machines, don't ask for working) motors from very small to forklift scale, ac and dc, fans.tripods,big freaking speakers,5 pallets of new music cd's,43 dissasembled electric scooters,wheel chairs,batteries,radio control equipment,electronic doodads,etc (we covet the powered unmentionables.)



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