Wednesday, January 30, 2008

new developments.

Got diagnosed with diabetes last week. Went in with numbness in hands and feet, Blood sugar was 3 times the "YOU HAVE DIABETES" level and I strongly suspect that the numbness is peripheral neuropathy.

So head injuries,bipolar disorder,no education,ptsd from childhood trauma,brittle bones due to calcium deficiency thanks to moms Munchhausen's bi proxy, (thanks mom! I do not now nor did I ever have a milk allergy) and now my hands don't work all that well and I have to live to a clock and don't dare lose my medical insurance.

This self pitying crap is probably just some blood sugar fluctuation, But right now it seems a mite too deep and dark to handle without at least bitching and whining

Also very disappointed in those who are supposed to be helping me. Made a simple request to multiple people and none delivered. I will complete my commitments but will not make any new ones to any of these people and will from this point expect them to be nothing more than time wasting posers.

Anyway needed to get this out and like always I will complete all my commitments regardless of the failures of others so existing plans will be completed, promises will be kept.

Anyway sorry for the lack of entertainment.


Blogger M Kenyon said...

I'm sure you'll hear a lot of this, but hang in there.

You can LIVE with diabetes, not just suffer from it.

7:36 AM  
Blogger rlitt6 said...

We will keep you in our family prayers.

I will bring by some "ear tacks" for ear acupuncture points that are really good for the hands and feet.

Robert from ASCEND School

Don't forget the pics!

1:06 PM  
Blogger praghmatic said...

Sorry to hear about this James. I dropped in for last years Remake, and still have a couple of pieces related to the nothing important project, but was sidetracked by the end of my marriage and related difficulties.

That is settling out now. Best news at the moment is probably that I'm lining up some summer teaching work in tinkering and robotics for kids. I'll be by later this month to resume pitching in and learning a few things.


10:46 AM  

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