Saturday, January 12, 2008


CBS evening news does a profile on us and the storm blows out our network.

so a late post and a few corrections:

1): We/I did not build the skull. The skull was produced by Greenpeace and while we are very proud of our association with it and its production. (We wired a lot of it and you can probably guess where the stuff came from, But concept,design and construction was greenpeace.)

2) Takeback: Takeback without design for re-use/lifespan is at best a mixed blessing. At best it keeps material out of landfill but promotes needless manufacturing and transport. At worst it subsidises shipping material overseas in a gray "recycling" market that involves dubious recovery efforts and disposal methods, promotes planned obsolecence and calls it environmentalism.

I support takeback as a concept and an ideal and I note that the original drafts of the (frankly very bad) rules we have to work with here in california actually made an effort to address design for environment and re-use but last minute negotiations seemed to (in my humble opinion) gut any
actual long term benifit from the states attempt to solve this problem and just allowed manufacturers to sell disposable crap, Make you pay to destroy it needlessly and then tell you that they are doing you a favor and saving the planet.

Needless consumption will never save the planet. Steve Jobs's Reality distortion field causes global warming.


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