Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ACCRC/untangle installfest beta.

we tested the new install servers over the weekend and it appears that we can load 24+ machines an hour from our main server.

We hope to get 4 locations live on the first and hope to load over 400 machines in a single day.

System specs. hp netserver donated by the marin civic center. 5 32 gig scsi3 drives in raid 0.
Gig-e out to a very pretty trend switch donated by untangle.

Switch has two gig-e ins and 24 100baseT out.

Test data: Not big on broadcom gig-e cards. Like intel.

Loading ubuntu 7.10 on all machines. Machine spec is p3-750+ 512 mb mem and at least a 20gig hdd.

We will also probably use system as the burn in cluster and render povray animations on it.


Blogger George said...

From a volunteer's point of view, the InstallFest was a great success. Let's get it in the Guiness Book.
Thanks to all the hands for prepwork and follow-up.
Thanks to Mozilla for the tchotchkies.

10:36 AM  

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