Wednesday, March 26, 2008

bizarre anniversary

Ok I know that you are not gonna believe this but remake is on the 39th anniversary of what is probably the most bizarre car accident you will hear about today and is quite possibly one of the moments that helped define my life as an attractor of random chaos.

On march 30th 1969 at 385 geary in SF a man named Jeffery Young was having a very bad day. We can not at this point go into what or why he was less than up but his actions can safely lead us to the conclusion that he was somewhat depressed.

Mr young jumped off a building. falling over 130 ft toward his intended target, the ground.

He missed.

Our car, sensing his distress, Gave The final sacrifice and leapt under him.

He landed on us, My whole family plus my grandmother on my fathers side.

Five of us (suddenly almost six) in an Alpha Romeo coupe.

I took a whack to the head, as did my grandmother, (died nuts, I'm only strange, She got hit harder.)

One can probably assume that Mr. Young wanted this event to be an escape or at least an end to all his worries. Our car denied him this.

He lived. For all I know he's still alive as he was only nineteen at the time.

Verification can be found in the archives of the oakland tribune via (and yes they will want ducats)


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