Thursday, November 29, 2007

closing out 2007 pt 2

First image is of a 49cc two stroke motor and clutch assembly and two of the scooter motors turned into a crude generator. (puts out between 24-36 volts with no load depending on throttle setting) second is a 24 volt motor salvaged from a forklift. The third is a selection of tested deep cycle batteries.

closing out 2007.

My new toy!!!

Monitors work and we can put image on eyes and teeth. sound is an old stage monitor amp, so its a multimedia device. Was donated by greenpeace (thanks Ashby)

we hope to add powered wheels/tracks to it by next makefaire . (skull tank)

Past projects that need updating:

Hydrogen fueled vehicles: our method for making hydrogen has a serious contaminant in the form of aluminum oxide. The good news is that it slows combustion and actually makes it easier but it is a serious abrasive and is probably caustic so this is only to be considered in escape from new york type scenarios. (so Brain you say that with a can of draino and some beer cans we might get this old junker to run us past the brain eating mutants? Yeah but if it don't blow up it'll never run again)

We hope to solve the contaminant issue with this stuff: (so much the image going where I want it:) the blue boxes wrapped in pallet wrap are industrial electrolyzers used in electroplating and should provide copious hydrogen as long as I am willing to pay for power.