Thursday, October 04, 2007

orielly/boingboing/digg/slashdot effect.

Its very real and it actually does amount to something. Some good some bad.

I do very much believe and can demonstrate that it had no small effect on the government in this issue. This is at least from my standpoint a good thing.

I also believe that I am winning the cnn poll due to it. As I disagree with this choice I see this as a detriment as I think that the gorillas should take priority and that the fact that I am popular with a small,vocal,internet savy group is slanting the poll to the detriment off all.


Blogger n8k99 said...

having come to your site from the a forementioned effects, and read quite a number of the back posts (relative to my arrival that is 20) to acquaint myself with your message and style, I commend you your humility as you continue to do the next right thing as it is put to you. I also am enjoying the understanding of your experience as you render this service, as we are planning a similar initiative here in New York State. However, I do need to disagree with you slightly about the gorillas. You 'winning' this does not create a zero sum situation, there is a great amount of publicity which is being generated for the gorilla efforts as a result of exposure to this situation. I doubt that you coming in first in an election between several different notably heroic efforts is going to be the straw that causes a species to disappear. Perhaps considering that the situation is zero sum (ie you win or the species wins) is somewhat Pride in reverse, I can be wrong, it has happened many times in the past, but that is jus how I see it. Please enjoy the popularity and use it in what ever means you can to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead of you, as there will be a long road that stretches out in front of you and this attention will drift off to another topic soon enough and there will be another hot topic and you will still have the same troubles. So while you have the bright lights, use them to overcome some resistance.


10:27 AM  
Blogger THE *NIXED REPORT! said...


I also posted latest corrections in my blog too:

I must also say that I disagree with you to a certain extent pertaining the gorillas. I understand not wanting to put other life in danger and out of existence. However, wouldn't your operation help towards saving them as well? After all, when new resources are sought out, what happens to the location of those resources.... does the habitat not get damaged?

Perhaps by doing more operations similar to yours, there won't be a need to search for new resources, thus there would be less endangerment of other animals. Perhaps I'm being naieve. I would also like to ask this: If we as a species can not take care of ourselves effectively (and ACCRC would be an example of taking care of ourselves), then what use would we be to other living beings of this planet?

I understand asking about the gorillas. But what about us? Wouldn't we be better equipped to take better care of this world if we take better care of ourselves in society and individually? As far as I am concerned, you are a hero to others, whether you feel that way or not. You're one of the real deals man. Those who are for real care about others and not themselves. I commend you for that.

However, I sincerely believe that others are voting for you because they sincerely believe that your cause is a worthy one. Just some food for thought.

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Blogger M Kenyon said...

Because of your comments, I voted for the Gorillas, and currently, they are ahead.

Keep up the good work.

7:54 AM  

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