Thursday, September 17, 2009

fucking with stalkers

UPDATE: They reach new lows! they posted a shopped profile of me on Is any one down! Images and IP logs forthcomming!.

I got an email day before yesterday. see below.

Hi James,

Just fyi... someone was trying to post this comment on my blog. I will not approve it of course... it's written as slander.

But I did want you to see that someone is out there pretending to be from ACCRC posting this kind of shit.

Hope all is well,


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Author : James (IP: ,
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James is not a 'great guy'. Shortly after you talked to James he physically attacked his wife. He choked her so hard that he left bruises on her neck. I do not care how many computers he recycles, Great Guys do not physically abuse women.

As to the comments content I'd rather deal with people not hidden cowards so first we expose them.

googling the ip address we find this

The first hit has a "vonguard" as posting from that ip address. Now I know who "vonguard" is but the audience will need to be shown so we google "vonguard"

and get this

Well what do we find? a twitter account,a facebook account, a blog and when we look into them we find that its Alex Handy . Clueless boy blogger for the SDtimes or maybe his wife Veronica.

We also see that they posted as James@accrc and gave response information of info@accrc and the website info as This is impersonating accrc (and me) and consists of identity theft.

so making unsubstantiated claims while hiding and being so clueless that I found out who they were in about 3 minutes.